Home Maintenance June 27, 2024

10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

As we enter the summer months, it’s an excellent time to work on essential home maintenance tasks that can help your property stay in top condition.

1. Air Conditioning Service

● Regular maintenance ensures efficient cooling and can prevent unexpected breakdowns during the hottest months.

2. Inspect and Clean Gutters

● Summer storms can cause debris to accumulate in gutters. Clean and inspect gutters to prevent water damage.

3. Check for Leaks

● Check plumbing for any leaks, including faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems. Fixing small leaks can prevent bigger issues and conserve water.

4. Lawn and Garden Care

● Summer is the prime time for lawn and garden maintenance. Regular watering, mowing, and weeding to keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine.

5. Seal Windows and Doors

● Check the seals on windows and doors to ensure they are airtight. This can help keep the cool air inside and reduce energy bills.

6. Pest Control

● Warmer weather can attract pests. Schedule a pest inspection and consider treatments if necessary.

7. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

● It’s always a good time to test and replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning properly.

8. Roof Inspection

● Get a roof inspection to check for any damage or wear that might have occurred over the winter and spring months.

9. Pressure Wash Exterior

● A good pressure wash can remove dirt, mold, and mildew from the exterior of the home, keeping it looking fresh and well-maintained.

10. Pool Maintenance

● Homeowners with pools/spas, check chemical levels, clean filters, and ensure all equipment is working properly for a safe and enjoyable swimming season.

I hope these tips are helpful and valuable to you. If you know anyone who needs real estate assistance, such as selling a property or getting referrals to a local contractor, please feel free to contact me at Phoenix.Rain@CBRealty.com or call (949) 741-4617.